About Us

About Tripsy Khings

Tripsy Khings

is a Free Spirited YOGA THEATRE COMPANY.


Forever On the Quest for

Truth ● Beauty ● Freedom  Love  The Expansion of Consciousness


Tripsy Khings was formed in December 2017.


This was the highest point in a nine-year period of committed and enthusiastic work along the lines of Tripsichore Yoga, hand in hand with Anna Pairaló and with Tripsichore’s master creator Edward Clark.


Based at Go Yoga! Zaragoza, Tripsy Khings are still graced with Edward Clark as incessant source of inspiration, consultant direction and indispensable support, and count with Anna Pairaló for technical direction, Paco Sampériz for artistic direction and Dan Barrows Sound for music composition.


Our narratives and choreographies are the fruit of our collective creation and are the expression of who we are as a company, who we are as individuals and of the difference we would like to make in the world.

The life force of Tripsy Khings are:

Alicia Ramos

Anna Pairaló

Arantxa Alcubierre

David Ortiz

David Pérez Arellano

Elena Mallén

Eva Herrero

Isabel Guedea

Mari Lys Fernández

Paco Latorre

Paco Sampériz

Rubén Bellido

Sonia Salvador Luna